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Choose your EIB school

EIB Paris is a pioneer in bilingual education and has been providing quality pre-school to high school education to children and young people for over 60 years. To find the right school for your family please use the selector tool below:

Age of the Child:

Preferred bilingual French/English curriculum:

The EIB Grenelle reception area
  • 50% English

In the heart of the 7th arrondissement, just minutes away from Les Invalides, EIB Grenelle private school opened its doors in September 2021. Welcoming students from nursery up to Year 6 (Maternelle to CM2) to begin with, the bilingual school will follow the programmes of the Ministry of National Education while offering a fully bilingual teaching programme, with 50% of classes in English and 50% in French. 

  • 3-6 Years Old
  • 6-11 Years Old
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EIB de La Jonchère
  • 50% English

Just 30 minutes away from central Paris in the Yvelines region, EIB de la Jonchère offers a bilingual education for children ages 3 to 14. The school follows the programmes of the Ministry of National Education while offering 50% of teaching in English and 50% in French.

  • 3-6 Years Old
  • 6-11 Years Old
  • 10-15 Years Old
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Students sit at their desks studying and writing notes in their books
  • 25% English

Located near the Place de l’Etoile and Porte Maillot at the heart of the 17th arrondissement in Paris, our bilingual, secular, high school (known in French as a lycée) EIB Etoile welcomes 400 students from more than 40 different nationalities from Year 11 to Year 13 (2nde to terminale).

  • 16-18 Years Old
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Students stand at high labratory tables working on experiments
  • 25% English

EIB Monceau bilingual middle school, known as Collège EIB Monceau in French, is one of the finest private middle schools in Paris, located in the heart of the 17th arrondissement, close to the Champs Elysées and Arc de Triomphe.Located just a short walk away from EIB Monceau Primary School in Paris, the school welcomes 625 students aged 10 to 15.

  • 10-15 Years Old
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A student sits at a desk looking a class learning materials
  • 25% English

EIB Lamartine is a bilingual primary school that welcomes children from ages 3 to 10. With a warm and friendly atmosphere, EIB Lamartine private school offers a French education following the National Curriculum, supplemented by an exclusive programme of early English learning, from the first year of nursery (Petite Section) to Year 6 (CM2).

  • 3-6 Years Old
  • 6-11 Years Old
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Parents meet their children at the end of the day outside the school building
  • 25% English

Right in the heart of Paris, just moments away from the Arc de Triomphe, the bilingual EIB Monceau Primary School was the first bilingual school in the EIB Group. It has been welcoming students since1954, housed in three buildings around Parc Monceau in the 8th Arrondissement.

  • 3-6 Years Old
  • 6-11 Years Old
Explore More about EIB Monceau Primary School

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Parent Teacher Association

The parents association at EIB Monceau private school is a shared organisation that works across Monceau Primary and Collège, and Etoile High School. We consider all parents a part of the organisation! At Middle School we are there to accompany students on their way through adolescence.

Our mission is to:

  • Represent parents and students: listening to them and providing support and guidance
  • Develop a close working relationship and maintain a constructive dialogue between the school and the parents.
  • Engage in student life and in our community

Our Community’s values are:

  • Welcoming
  • Engagement
  • Diversity
  • Respect

Our contribution to school life happens in four different ways. Firstly, the enrichment of student life through supporting educational projects and student initiatives, assisting students in their search for an internship, and promoting the international culture of our bilingual school in Paris.

We also offer support and guidance to our fellow parents, by welcoming new families, hosting cultural events and outings, collecting parent’s feedback and organising financial aid. Through our parent delegates we keep a constant chain of communication open with the school. To celebrate success we organise an annual yearbook and send out regular email newsletters.

Every year we hold events for parents and students to enjoy, from our annual charity gala to end of year parties for students, school fairs and graduation celebrations. During the many holidays throughout the year organise events and colourful decorations, and we also support charitable and humanitarian organisations with food drives and other fundraising events.

If you’re interested in becoming a parent delegate, or have a suggestion for a project or event, please get in touch!

Images of the PTA

célébration au collège privé bilingue EIB Paris
évènement à l'école primaire bilingue EIB Paris
évènement à l'école primaire bilingue de l'EIB Paris
bal du lycée de l'école privée bilingue EIB Paris
bal du lycée de l'école internationale bilingue EIB Paris
les maternelles de l'école privée bilingue EIB Paris et le père noël
élève déguisé au collège privé bilingue EIB Paris