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EIB Paris is a pioneer in bilingual education and has been providing quality pre-school to high school education to children and young people for over 60 years. To find the right school for your family please use the selector tool below:

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A look back at EIB Grenelle's STREAM & Sports Autumn Camp

A look back at EIB Grenelle's STREAM & Sports Autumn Camp

A look back at the events of the "STREAM & Sports" Fall Camp at EIB Grenelle from October 24-28.  

During the week, many sports and science workshops were organized for the children, some of which had a Halloween theme. 

  • Halloween music, songs, rhythms and DIY instruments: 

Children were introduced to musical games. They played around the Halloween theme: rhythm clapping, coordination, movements, fine and gross motricity, songs, musical stories, dance…  

They also made their own musical instrument and painted/drew on music. 


  • Halloween Spooky STREAM experiments: 

Children aged from 3 to 6 have experimented chemical reactions to blow up a monster balloon, make a vomiting pumpkin, observe a phosphorescent lava lamp, prepare a bubbling wizard brew and crafted an edible a haunted house out of gingerbread. It’s time for our apprentice witches and wizards to show off their sorcery.   

  • English language sports course: 

During camp we have organized a variety of fun and active group games. We’ve had the chance to enjoy this beautiful weather at the church’s playground:   

- color sports game   

- astronaut tag   

- zigzag relays   

- dinosaur tag   

- follow the leader stretching   

- tomato/ketchup game 


  • Halloween STREAM LEGO workshop for the young ones: 

With LEGOs, we had some great creations: castles, pyramids, spring-loaded cars, pumpkins, bats, witches' hats and a Halloween village. 


  • STREAM workshop “Les apprentis bricoleurs”:  

Theme: My 100% handmade toys and decorations  

Our students have become great eco-friendly handymen. They made their own toys and decorations for their rooms. They learned how to make slime, design a marble run and made a wooden storage block to organize their desks. 

  • Halloween STREAM LEGO workshop for elder children:  

Here is what the children were able to assemble with the motorized LEGOs: trains, an amusement park, a conveyor belt, tracked vehicles... 


A very successful Autumn camp, both fun and games that the children really enjoyed.