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EIB Paris is a pioneer in bilingual education and has been providing quality pre-school to high school education to children and young people for over 60 years. To find the right school for your family please use the selector tool below:

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From the Virtual to the Real: Students from EIB Monceau Middle School bring Coco Chanel to Life with the hi!ai Project

From the Virtual to the Real: Students from EIB Monceau Middle School bring Coco Chanel to Life with the hi!ai Project

At the heart of modern education lies an unprecedented ambition: to prepare students for a future shaped by technological advances. With this in mind, Globeducate is taking an innovative approach aimed at integrating artificial intelligence into education, paving the way for a new era of skills and understanding.

The hi!ai project is a perfect example of Globeducate's commitment to educational innovation. Through this project, students at EIB Monceau Middle School experience a unique educational adventure, where technology and creativity converge to shape the future.

To set up this project, the middle school pupils worked closely with their counterparts from EIB Monceau and EIB Grenelle primary schools. The latter contributed to the project by writing texts for the artificial intelligence charged with embodying Coco Chanel, the character voted for by the middle school children in an unequivocal ballot.

Currently in phase 5, entitled "Collaborate", the students have started 3D printing Coco Chanel and programming its artificial intelligence.

Each week, they meet to work in teams on several key areas:

AI and Technological Development

This team is responsible for leading the integration and progress of artificial intelligence in the project. Their responsibilities range from the digitisation of data to the design and development of AI algorithms, as well as optimising the technological infrastructure.

To train them, a rigorous programme combining technical and collaborative training is being put in place, ensuring that they can meet the project's technical challenges with complete confidence.

3D Modelling and Artistic Development

This team focuses on transforming representations of Coco Chanel into an attractive and accurate 3D model. Their job is to design, refine and optimise the models for 3D printing while ensuring that they are aesthetically pleasing.

They follow a varied training programme, covering both the technical aspects of 3D modelling and the artistic aspects needed to bring the character to life.

Artificial Intelligence Ethics

The ethics team ensures that the integration of AI into the project complies with ethical principles. Their role includes establishing guidelines, regularly auditing AI implementations and consulting other teams on the ethical implications of their decisions.

They undergo in-depth technical training as well as philosophical training to ensure that they are well equipped to guarantee the responsible application of AI in the project.

The hi!ai project at Collège EIB Monceau embodies Globeducate's forward-thinking spirit and commitment to cutting edge education. Through its innovative approach integrating artificial intelligence into teaching, this project offers students a unique opportunity to explore the frontiers of technology while developing essential skills for tomorrow's world.

Through the hi!ai project, students at EIB Monceau Middle School are set to become pioneers of a new era of learning, where collaboration, creativity and ethics converge to shape a promising future. In pursuing this bold vision, Globeducate and its member schools continue to push the boundaries of education, preparing younger generations to thrive in an ever-changing world.