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International Day

International Day

EIB de La Jonchère celebrated the International Day!

A short summary of this day which took our students to the four corners of the world!

In 1872, Jules Vernes published an adventure novel, "Around the World in Eighty Days", recounting the adventures of Phileas Fogg, who set out on a mission to circumnavigate the globe in a given time. Our pupils at EIB de La Jonchère have achieved the feat of travelling around the world in less than a day! We may live in a much more developed society than we did in 1872, but going around the world is no mean feat.

So how did the pupils of EIB de La Jonchère manage to achieve this feat? Well, it's simple: the world came to them! Thanks to the participation of parents and teachers, the children were able to take advantage of the various stands set up in the playground and discover a multitude of cultures and what makes them so charming.



The programme included many different activities! At the China stand, there was the possibility to try calligraphy (some pupils even left with their name written in Chinese) or to try to parade with a handmade dragon!


Further on was the Philippine stand, where pupils could chat while tasting rice cakes from the local cuisine.

The pupils then left Asia and headed for the European continent, starting with Hungary. They took advantage of this stop to introduce their palates to the delicious local pastries.

Our budding travellers then went on to visit Italy, Turkey, the Netherlands and Scotland on their European tour. At each stand they were greeted by parents and teachers who had carefully prepared a detailed presentation of their country and culture. The children left with many souvenirs, including typical Turkish and Dutch dishes.



To close this European tour, the pupils of EIB de La Jonchère discovered Moldavia, its geography, its habits and customs and of course, the local gastronomy which made them happy!

The next part of this world tour took them to the Middle East and the African continent. They first explored Kuwait and its history, then headed for Israel. There they discovered the country's past, but also its language, its typical dishes and how they celebrate their holidays.

The next four countries on the list are neighbours: Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Egypt. At the first stand, pupils were able to taste the local cuisine and get an up-close look at traditional Moroccan dress. On the stand shared by Algeria and Libya, the parents of the pupils worked hard to set up a most impressive reconstruction; all that was missing was the weather to make them believe they were transported to the Maghreb!

Finally, on the Egypt stand, the children were able to find sarcophagi and pyramids while learning about the geography of the country.



The final destination on the programme for the pupils to complete this world tour: America. The first stop was in the United States where the pupils had a great time! With a colourful presentation and team games, the children enjoyed their visit. They then headed south to Brazil and Argentina. In the first country, they were able to learn more about the country of the Samba and left with a few words of Portuguese. Finally, Argentina is the country that ended their express world tour, amazed by the landscapes of the Andes and by the local sweets, the pupils of EIB de La Jonchère were also able to perfect their Spanish.

Thus, our pupils returned to France as if by magic, unaware of the feat they had just accomplished, but conscious that they would keep unforgettable memories of this day of discovery of the different cultures present in their everyday life.