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EIB Paris is a pioneer in bilingual education and has been providing quality pre-school to high school education to children and young people for over 60 years. To find the right school for your family please use the selector tool below:

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A look back at EIB Monceau's Toussaint Holiday Camp

A look back at EIB Monceau's Toussaint Holiday Camp

A look back at the events that took place during EIB Monceau's Holiday Camp from October 24-28. 

The theme of the workshop was Countryside and Town, and composed into three groups, according to their age, to learn more about the links between these two environments. They enjoyed very creative workshops and even had the opportunity to visit the Van Gogh 'Auberge' during the week.  Ilan, a professional guest speaker, also came to offer each group a workshop related to the theme: for the youngest they discussed, among other things, the beauty of nature and why we love the countryside. For group 2, the theme was empathy and the analysis of the relationships that can exist between the inhabitants of the city and those of the countryside. Finally, for the older children, they were abble to explore the subject of emotions further and express themself more deeply. 


The first group called "The Villagers Group" leaded by Lauren, an EIB Paris's English teacher was dedicated to children ages 4 and 5. During the week, they first read "The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse" and used it to discuss the differences between town and country. Afterwards, they drew cityscapes or fields of wheat inspired by Van Gogh, created windsocks and carried out activities and games on the theme of the farm.

During the workshop proposed by the speaker Ilan, they were able to discuss the jobs of people who help in the life of the community such as public, social, nursing, firefighting, etc.

Children also did some theater and on the 4th day they went to Auvers-Sur-Oise to visit the last home of Van Gogh. They learned about his life and discussed his paintings. 

Group 2 was dedicated to children aged 6 and 7 and leaded by Keren, EIB Paris speaker and publisher of bilingual English-French books for children. Students read two chapters of 'Boxcar Children', where four orphans escape from the city and run away to the countryside, then make a home in the woods. They looked at a map of the journey the orphans took, and then made their own large map of a city and countryside.

After answering some questions about the book, they painted haunted houses. Later in the week, the children imagined their life in the woods and made a painting. They also made a short comic strip, and a word search puzzle.

Finally, Group 3 (8 to 10years old) leaded by Kaitlin an English EIB Paris teacher. Their main activity was to build their own city:

They drew different landscapes according to the week's outings in order to develop their project and also to integrate characters.  


On the last day, the 3 groups were united for a common activity: Face Painting. To celebrate Halloween, the children were invited to be covered in make-up for the occasion.