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EIB Paris is a pioneer in bilingual education and has been providing quality pre-school to high school education to children and young people for over 60 years. To find the right school for your family please use the selector tool below:

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Looking Back: Key Moments Since the Start of the Academic Year at EIB Grenelle

Looking Back: Key Moments Since the Start of the Academic Year at EIB Grenelle

1. International Day : A Celebration of Cultural Diversity  

Date : October 09, 2023 

The International Day at EIB Grenelle, on October 9, offered our students an opportunity to immerse themselves in cultures from around the world. Our school community celebrated its rich diversity by sharing traditions, captivating presentations and culinary delights from around the world. Students created unforgettable memories, strengthening the bonds within our international community. 

This magical day was made possible with the contribution of the exceptional Parents' Association, who worked with dedication to decorate the school and put on a variety of engaging activities. Their efforts truly brought the celebration to life. 

2. STREAM Day : Exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics 

Date : November 10, 2023 

The STREAM Day in November 2023 was a real explosion of creativity, highlighting the talents of the school’s small architects. Guided by experts, students used KAPLA boards to create a variety of works, including bridges, giraffe, birds, a crocodile and boats. These achievements demonstrate the diversity of skills developed by our students, showing the extent to which they have explored and mastered the principles of the STREAM methodology. 

3. Building a Gingerbread Model of Paris : A Delicious Work of Art 

Date : December, 2023 

As part of the STREAM methodology approach, the students, guided by Leslie Chouraqui Ware, transcended the boundaries of the classroom by mobilising the concepts of mathematics, geometry, engineering, as well as their artistic skills and knowledge of Paris and its monuments. The creation of a gingerbread model was the result of this multidisciplinary collaboration, symbolizing the harmonious integration of STREAM principles in learning. 

The workshop "Je découvre Paris", directed by Hélène Decker, graduate of the Ecole du Louvre, greatly enriched this experience by providing a unique cultural and artistic perspective. Not only did the students construct a delightfully creative depiction of Paris, but they also gained a deeper understanding of the history and artistic richness of the French capital. 


4. Chinese Language Day: Immersion in the Richness of Chinese Culture 

Date : February 8, 2024 

The third edition of Chinese Language Day, which celebrates our school’s third language, offered a total immersion in Chinese culture with various workshops, readings, film screenings and tasting sessions. In partnership with the Cultural Center of China, the students attended a traditional puppet show and discovered musical instruments. The fifth graders dazzled the audience with their theatrical performance. Back at school, the children explored the world of dragons in various forms: accordions, masks, and much more. This day not only enriched their linguistic understanding but also promoted a deeper appreciation of the cultural diversity of our community.