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Presentation by Fabienne Rollandin, Director of External Relations at Sommet Education, at EIB Etoile High School

Presentation by Fabienne Rollandin, Director of External Relations at Sommet Education, at EIB Etoile High School

Students in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme at Lycée EIB Etoile had the opportunity to explore international professional horizons with Fabienne Rollandin, Director of External Relations at Sommet Education. Her well-crafted presentation was divided into two phases, highlighting the crucial importance of personal branding and business etiquette, and offering an in-depth look at the prestigious curricula at Glion and Les Roches.

Development of Personal Branding and Business Etiquette 

Ms Rollandin opened the session by emphasising the pivotal role of Personal Branding in the development of a solid professional identity. "Your personal branding, the way you appear to others, is the way you tell your story," she said, stressing the need for students to forge a coherent and strategic professional image. 

The CV, seen as a unique opportunity to position yourself on the professional market, was analysed according to three crucial parameters: design, layout and content. Ms Rollandin emphasised the importance of adopting a critical perspective to spot any potential errors, stressing the importance of having an outside eye. 

The cover letter was presented as an essential addition to the CV, offering the opportunity to include elements that do not necessarily appear in the formal document. The debate flourished around the concept of "Perception Vs Reality" and the well-known saying, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression". 

The ensuing debate, centred on the statistic that only 7% of verbal information in an interview counts towards a first impression, prompted the students to reflect on the decisive impact of appearance, attitude and self-confidence.

Spotlight on International Opportunities with Glion and Les Roches 

The second part of the presentation unveiled an international academic panorama with a particular focus on the courses offered by the Glion and Les Roches schools. Ms Rollandin gave an in-depth presentation of these renowned institutions in the fields of hospitality, luxury and management. 

This session was of particular importance in the context of the IB programme as an international professional springboard. The interest generated among the students was reflected in enriching exchanges on career opportunities on a global scale, highlighting the essential role of international education in the training of future world leaders. 

In conclusion, Fabienne Rollandin's speech enlightened the IB students on the need to cultivate a distinct professional identity, rooted in an international context. In this way, the IB programme stands out as a genuine global professional springboard, opening doors to stimulating and varied professional horizons.